IRI | Inspire Risk Investments

IRI is (at present) a private investment initiative, specializing in long and short – term placements, utilizing a myriad of financial instruments in the public marketplace.

CareRise is a full-service risk management entity that provides universal quality assurance, loss control and patient-safety programs at the healthcare organizations insured sites – by combining the latest in web-enabled technology with very seasoned RNs/registered nurse risk managers.  CareRise facilitates the entire program (turn-key) from the insured healthcare facility/organizations to the insurance company (commercial or self-insured).

CareRise is available to: Healthcare Investment Banking & Holding Companies, Insurance Carriers, SNFs/skilled nursing facilities, ALs/assisted living facilities, ILs/independent living facilities, CCRCs/continuing care retirement communities.

U.S. Patented.

Independent Near Real-time Ratings – For Healthcare Organizations

Building on CareRise’s 17 year history, CareRise expanded its footprint into providing quantifiable ratings for healthcare organizations.  CareRise Index is an entity that provides true, near-real time ratings for healthcare organizations, allowing a facility or community to showcase the true performance of their respective operation.

U.S. Patented.

Real-Time Reservation System

carereserve is an on-line, real-time reservation system/platform that connects all in the healthcare continuum/stream – as it relates to arranging for the most optimum places of care for patients.

carereserve has been designed to meet the critical needs of the patient, while at the same time maximize the productivity levels of the healthcare organizations/providers that are of service.

For more information on carereserve (and a personal tour), please contact CareRise’s corporate office – 888-395-4200.

U.S. Patent Pending.

Healthcare Claims Management System

PRE-CLAIM OPTICS|PCO provides commercial insurance carriers and self-insured programs/(captives, RRGs, etc.) with an advanced intelligence system that allows the insurer to capture vastly accelerated data on a potential claim, before it may become one.  The PCO system/platform also provides for turn-key resolution services pre and post claim, working and partnering with an insurers existing claims division.  The PCO system is proven to be extremely successful in the medical malpractice space, backed by over 17-years of performance data.

For more information on PCO (and a personal tour), please contact CareRise’s corporate office – 888-395-4200.

Healthcare Staffing Synchronization Software Solution

24/7 StaffCensus was created in 2001 to assist healthcare facilities in synchronizing the clinical staff working in a healthcare facility to the patient census in near real-time.  The goal was to 1) ensure staffing met or exceeding state and/or federal expectations, and 2) met set budgetary parameters.  This solution provides for a GPS type of system for one of the largest budget items in a healthcare facilities operation – that is, clinical HR/human resources.

For more information on 24/7 StaffCensus (and a personal tour), please contact CareRise’s corporate office – 888-395-4200.

U.S. Patented.