Tim Goux

It's amazing and rewarding to witness people see the impossible happen and be available to them, then that becomes a new normal.

-Tim Goux


CareRise Holdings|CH focus is on addressing problems and issues of magnificent proportions in the healthcare space, by combining cutting-edge technologies with hands-on solutions. To date, CH’s marketplace offerings have been in the multi-faceted areas of: healthcare risk management and mitigation, quality assurance and performance improvement, independent ratings programs, liability insurance programs (both commercial and self-insured), clinical staffing and rehab productivity software, claims management, admission, bed/unit utilization software.

CH’s solutions are designed to be customized for each business-partner relationship and client in-mind, allowing for maximum potential for all parties involved.

CareRise’s solutions are provided to post-acute care organizations of all types, hospital systems, commercial and self-insured insurance companies.


CareRise was founded by healthcare entrepreneur Tim Goux in the spring of 2000. Tim literally grew-up and spent his entire life working in the healthcare business, covering every job role that exists in the workplace. His family purchased their first healthcare facility in 1968.

Today, Tim’s entrepreneurial endeavors are heavily-weighted in the healthcare arena, in addition to his interest and holdings in other industries.

Tim is a New Orleans native and a graduate of Loyola University, New Orleans, LA. To date, he has won four U.S. Patents for his creations, with more pending.

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