CareRise Holdings

CareRise is a full-service risk management company that provides universal clinically-driven/technology-driven risk management services to healthcare providers (healthcare facilities, skilled nursing and rehab facilities, senior care facilities, specialty hospitals) - as part of a facility's overall insurance program. CareRise provides the entire risk management service platform - from the healthcare facility to its insurance underwriting partners, utilizing the latest real-time technologies. CareRise is open to partnerships with insurers, brokerages firms, and captives/self-insured programs. In 2008, CareRise won its first patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its creation of the unification of risk management with insurance for healthcare providers as a business model/method.


Building on over fifteen years of delivering risk management services to hundreds of healthcare facilities and witnessing (first-hand) the dramatic need for an accurate rating system for healthcare facilities, CareRise expanded its technology platform by creating a rating system that is built on the core key elements of patient safety and quality care delivery.

In 2001, out of the direct need in trying to find a solution to manage the major human resources (specifically clinical staff) within his own family-owned healthcare facilities, Tim Goux (Founder of the CareRise group) created a software solution that synchronized the clinical staff with patient census in real-time. Tim won a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on this creation in 2010. is the latest creation (along with CareRise Index) within CareRise Holdings. It is clear that much more of healthcare quality and performance measures will be based on the direct feedback from the customers/clients within healthcare facilities, that is, the patient. Within the CareRise platform, and the patientvote App will provide very unique mechanisms for patients to independently vote on the key measures and metrics of their overall healthcare delivery and service, and secondly, it will allow healthcare providers to broadcast their results to existing and future customers/clients of their organizations.